Hello World

In this blog I will be posting things about everything, in particularly my life and my endeavor as an author. My life is more than a roller coaster; my life is a never ending wave pool that I hope will bring joy and laughter to your world. Because I am new at this blog thing I will do my best to fill you in with critical events in my life both sad and happy. I am very excited to start this journey with you all as I reflect on my life in public for the first time in a way that I hope would be uplifting to many of you.

Everything I post will be in form of a fictional story. All stories would be about my life thus far and how it has changed me in some way (because we all have a story to tell).

Again I am very excited for this new adventure I have set my self to and I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by and please visit my Facebook and Instagram account to learn more about me. I am always open for questions, ideas, and other peoples life experiences.

Love to you all,

Lisa Reed